Meet our team. Serious about design, committed to your project's success, and fun to hang out with.


T Paul Frank, Managing Principal
Trish Nixon, LEED® AP BD+C, Managing Principal
Dan Edwards, Associate Principal
Dan Purgiel, Managing Principal
Janice Sanada, Principal, LEED® AP
Michelle Startt, Principal
Greg Mitchell, Associate Principal
Steve Mileham, Managing Principal
Paul Boundy, Managing Principal
Bob Boileau
Meredith Sanman
Wen Zhao
Chen Guang, Associate
Kelsy Laughnan, NCARB, Associate
Michael Roberts, Senior Associate
Mary Fierros Bower, Associate, LEED® AP BD+C
Dean Masukawa, Associate
Byron Balogh, Senior Associate
Calista Fitzgerald, Senior Associate
Amy Hjelte, Associate
Jason Tand, Associate
Cynthia Schuster, Senior Associate
Julio Rocha, LEED® AP BD+C, Associate
Danny Drake, Associate
Gail Boger, Associate
Ingrid Hoffman
Charles Halling, Associate
Amalia Mohr, Associate
Amy Smith, Associate
Desmond Amper
Greg Antons
Chuck Archer
Ri-hye Baek
Bruce Barton
Karlene Baskind
Tracy Bellman
Hayley Blair
Joe Bosnar
Mira Boumatar
Julie Bradshaw
Jessica Brenner
Ian Broomfield
Josh Cansler
Dustin Carlson
Ryan Craney
Spencer Deinard
Steve DeMonte
Peter Dixon
James Donnelly
Matt Dreska
Brian Dueltgen
Russ Finley
Patrick Fisher
Zachary Freund
Joe Gilburd
Ray Glur
Wayne Goeas
Tim Gordon
Scott Grady
Britney Hale
Aileen Hao
John Haswell
Peter Houseknecht
Dalton Humann
Sahel Izadi
Scott Jackson
Dillon Jones
Monica Jones
Alex Karel
Nichole Kates
Peter Kim
Todd Knudson
Paul Kurth
Alex Kuzmin
Kirt Lehnus
Chantel Lindquist
Kelsey Loverro
Derek Markee
Youssef Matta
John McCamont
Darcie McConnaha
Cara Mitchell
Nathan Monger
Erick Navarro
Tim Niou
Sam North
Todd Ovard
Denis Rahmanovic
Michelle Rea
Eeshoo Rehani
Valerie Reynolds
Ben Riemer
Gail Sargent
Kevin Schneider
Lera Shcheglova
Jena Sinclair
Crawford Smith
Lisa Sneddon
Michael Stanner
Gillian Stoneback
Kian Giap Teh
Adina Tudorache
Milan Velmirovich
Lisa Warnock
John Williamson
Derek Wilfong
Mike Woodbury
Skye Woodhouse
Christine Yun


Our Founders & History

Founders Bill Ruff and Steve Lee launched the firm in 1976, with a vision to create a firm merging exceptional design and outstanding service. 

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Committed to Community

LRS Architects has always supported both individual and firm-wide participation of our time and talent for worthy causes and charitable fundraising.

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Consistently rated among the top architectural firms in the area, we are constantly on the lookout for great people to join our team.

Key Staff

  • Meredith Sanman, Business Director

  • Sheila Froman, Office Manager

  • Sarah Wortman, CPSM, Marketing Director, Media Relations