Mongolia, China

Shenhua Hailiutu Corporate Office Project is located at southern suburb Hailiutu Town, Inner Mongolia, China. The natural landscape for this area is the vast grassland. The building functions have been carefully considered with the challenges of the local climate conditions. The LRS master plan uses several strong masses organized in an organic building cluster linked together along the curved spine of the commons building. With respect to material selection for building façade, the northern side building external wall adopted a native yellowish-brown stone cladding, in contrast to the southern exposure that uses silver gray aluminum composite panels. 

Great buildings that move the spirit have always been rare. In every case they are unique, poetic, products of the heart. Arthur Erickson

The entire building form rises from the grassland and is merged with the beautiful natural environment. Portions of glass curtain wall peel back at the entrance and enables the building to reach out gently and graceful towards the open fields.

The complex of buildings includes five functional zones; restaurant, staff dorm, office building, conference center and indoor ball field, which are closely connected by the entrance hall and 2nd floor passageway.

In order to reduce carbon emission, and realize energy conservation, the air conditioning system for this complex of buildings adopts ground source heat pump technology with underground pipes used to displace the heat from soil as heat source for building.