Kunshan Master Plan

Kunshan, China

LRS Architects was commissioned to provide site master plan design for a half square-mile riverfront redevelopment site for the Kunshan Economic & Technological Development Zone in Kunshan, China. Kunshan is located 35 miles east of Shanghai, China, and has a population of about six million people.

The site is a highly visible location in downtown Kunshan. One-third of the site along the riverfront will be recreational use, while the reamining two-thirds of the site will be the financial center, with evening attractors drawing visitors from the whole city. The project includes office buildings, restaurants, night clubs and retail.

The design concept was developed from many detailed site analysis studies that evaluated optimal uses on site for the City. The anchor ofr the design is a single phase central focal plaza at the main roadway intersections. The plan then radiates out into future sections and phases integrating an existing waterway. Once this basis of design was established, the design team was able to begin formulating the massing studies and architectural expression for the project.