Ring River Park System

Tangshan City, China

In the Spring of 2011, Tangshan City invited LRS Architects to plan and design eight urban parks to be collectively known as the Ring River. Park site areas ranged from less than two acres to approximately 70 acres and ranged from unspoiled to disturbed and earthquake devastated. The charge to the design team was to "design people-sensitive and environmentally responsible parks and plazas that will provide an enduring legacy and resource for generations to come.”

Collectively, all sites were planned in response to a theme titled “Circle of Life”, an expression of the public’s sense of common identity, cultural considerations and sustainable practices. Individually, each project is rooted in neighborhood/community values, micro-climatic conditions and economic parameters. Two of the eight parks are under construction and a third is presently in detailed design.

Sustainable Strategies include: Energy Optimization, Passive Conditioning, Water Balancing, Renewable Power Generation, Measurement and Verification, Life-Cycle Cost Analysis and Statistics/Data Science