Malibu Conference Center and Lodge

Malibu, California 

This model of sustainable design includes a series of buildings all designed with natural materials and conservation principles. Buildings are oriented to maximize energy performance and invite daylighting to reduce lighting needs. Meeting rooms are set in the natural landscape with views of natural water features. 

Buildings feature green eco-roofs to reduce heat gain and for added insulation. Walls will be made from “rammed” earth reclaimed from the site. Building materials will primarily be recycled material from local sources. High efficiency mechanical systems will reduce operational costs and reduce energy use. 

Residential housing for conference center guests are separated into 38 split units and 20 flats. Each unit includes expansive outdoor decks or patios overlooking garden spaces, and views of the preserved natural open space beyond. 

These units also include high performance glazing, eco-roofs, rammed earth walls and high efficiency mechanical systems. 

This project is designing toward LEED Platinum Certification with Living Building potential.