Magnolia II

Portland, Oregon

The Magnolia II project presented several challenges for the design team. Though intended to be an extension of the original Magnolia I building, funding conditions dictated the phases remain on separate parcels. Program requirements for family sized units and the discovery of an unbuildable easement caused the team to get creative in solutions to provide the unit mix required. Additionally, budget constraints would not allow the 2nd phase to match the heavily articulated, all-brick aesthetic of the first phase. This posed a unique challenge to create something complementary that tied in with the original aesthetic while keeping within the fabric of the neighborhood.

The solution is clean and restrained using metallic champagne brake shape metal panels with a dark brick base at the street level. The two phases connect seamlessly resulting in ease of circulation for the residents and shared use of common spaces. Three bedroom units, an indoor play area, and outdoor playground make the project appealing for families with children. The makerspace on the ground floor provides opportunities for community connection.