Portland, Oregon

Cayuse is a research administration and software company based in Portland, Oregon. Because of the constraints of their tenant space, their office had been divided into two separated areas, creating the impression of two different companies sharing a reception desk. After years of attempting to adapt workflow to this inflexible space, Cayuse wanted an office designed for its employees. Their relocation to the 9th story of the World Trade Center in downtown Portland provided the opportunity to create a functional and productive office complete with stunning views of the Willamette River.

Rather than taking the traditional approach of reserving the best views for the public and the executives, LRS prioritized employee workspace. Cubicles were arranged along the two perimeter walls with the best views. Partitions were kept low, and interspersed collaboration areas and informal seating provided visual breaks, as well as opportunities for varied work environments. Formal meeting rooms captured daylight on the sides with less desirable views and were supplied with a variety of furniture types and configurations for maximum flexibility and productivity.

Branding was also a top concern to the client and it played a key role in the overall design scheme and material palette. LRS addressed the brand with a bold logo wall and cloud ceiling at the reception area while also presenting the brand in more nuanced ways by mimicking the drip-dot logo pattern in custom carpeting, wall displays, and felt screens.

The new Cayuse office space is fresh, functional, and clearly reflects its brand and culture.

IIDA Oregon 2018 People's Choice Winner