Urban Design and Master Planning

Our Urban Design and Master Planning process brings together many different elements and disciplines of the built environment to create a unified vision.   Our process ensures a clear roadmap for a shared understanding of the development of land for our clients, municipalities and neighbors.  Successful urban places are framed by architectural and streetscape design that celebrate local history, climate, sustainability and building experience.  LRS’s design experience spans a wide range of architectural project types (commercial, residential, industrial, recreational, etc.) which helps influence the broad expertise of our urban design and master planning.  

We practice a process for urban design and master planning based on the premise that people support what they help create, a notion that is especially relevant with public projects.   We focus on placemaking to create urban spaces in three dimensions. Understanding the interplay of buildings and streetscape, allows us to create projects that are fiscally successful for our client, with imbedded pedestrian scale and transit conductivity that contribute to the sustainability of the communities these projects help shape.